Community Involvement

Keeping it local

TSL's roots are firmly fixed in the local area, and we support and sponsor local initiatives, events and charities.

Wherever possible, we use local suppliers and sub-contractors to retain as much value as possible within the Argyll community.

We also support the local employment market, and offer apprenticeships to young locals which encourages them to stay in the area and help sustain economic growth. There's more information about these opportunities on our careers page.

Since 2011 we have offered work experience opportunities to local high schools.

Rally sponsorship

The Tour of Mull rally is often described as the 'Best rally in the world'. TSL's history is rich with rally fever — we've sponsored the event and our participating employees for a number of years.

One of our earliest driver sponsorships was John MacCrone, a TSL apprentice joiner, who went on to become Scottish Junior Rally Champion in 2009. Current employees we sponsor include Alec Brown and Darren Thompson, along with locals Fergus Barlow and Ally Currie.